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Arte Brunelli

14 Jul


Via Pasquale Turiello 4

Glassware becomes
an art form in
the hands of the
Brunelli family

The Brunelli family are masters in the
art of glass, employing old traditional
crafts and methods handed down through
four generations, producing items
today that are as precious and distinctive
as they have always been. Their
particular speciality is in the difficult
skill of curved glass. They have their
own laboratory where they are continually
researching new ways of manufacturing,
so redefining the possibilities of the art.


Francesco Sessa

14 Jul


Via Ferri Vecchi 4 (Via Duomo)

Personalized service
and the art of
the nativity.

The art of the nativity – those fascinating
miniature scenes that depict the birth
of Jesus – comes to the fore in Naples
during the Christmas festivities. But
all the year round, work goes on in the
shops, where artisans skillfully and expertly
create the classical figurines of the Neapolitan
crib (nativity).

Maestro Sessa’s boutique is unique
of its kind. He provides a warm welcome
and will create personalized creations that
suit your every requirement, all within a
very short space of time – even while you wait.

Ospedale delle Bambole (Doll Hospital)

14 Jul


Via San Biagio dei Librai 81

Where dolls and teddy
bears are brought
back to full health

Craftsmen have been taking care of
broken dolls at this extraordinary
establishment since the 1800s. But the
‘hospital’ is not at all like an antique
shop; it’s a very colourful toy store where
dolls and teddy bears come back to

How it works: You bring your broken
or damaged toy through the ‘hospital entrance’.
Then, at the back of the shop, it is fixed
in the ‘operating theater’ using all
the traditional tools of the trade.

Ceramiche Filippo Felaco

14 Jul


Via dei Tribunali 339

The results of years
of ceramic study
and experiment.

Filippo Felaco is one of the leading
artists of Naples. His ceramics are
warm, mellow, dense, and definitively
Neapolitan. The work is often
experimental, and executed both by
himself and in collaboration with
many high ranking international artists
for whom Filippo is highly regarded
as a sensitive, capable and generous

Ferrigno – handcrafted nativity scenes

14 Jul
Via S. Gregorio Armeno 55

Creating nativity scenes
in terracotta, wood and silk
for nearly 200 years

In Naples, nativity scenes are more
traditional and significant than
Christmas trees. Ferrigno is known for
its high-quality scenes, which it has
been handcrafting for nearly 200 years.
Giuseppe and Marco Ferrigno have
eight employees who make about 500
scenes a year, using terracotta and
wood figures that range from 2 to 40
centimetres high. Special touches
are added, including silk from San Leucio,
a town near Naples with an ancient
silk-making tradition.

La Scarabattola – the art of the nativity

14 Jul


Via dei Tribunali 50


One of the leading
exponents of ‘the art
of the nativity’, the
Christmas tradition

Naples has become well known around
the world for the creation of beautiful
Christmas cribs and other sacred and
religious objects. At Scarabattola, the
skilful hands of the Scotto brothers use
clay and precious fabrics in just the
same way as their family has done for
generations in order to reinterpret
the classical figurines in a modern context.

Liuteria Calace – handmade mandolins

14 Jul


Via San Domenico Maggiore 9


The mandolin…
a symbol of Naples’
special kind of music
and romance.

The mandolins of Liuteria Calace, classic
symbols of Neapolitan music, have
been hand made by the Calace family
since 1825. As the secrets of their
design and construction have been passed
down generation to generation, they have
been increasingly perfected.

Today the excellence of these instruments
is recognised all over the world. They
represent Neapolitan craftsmanship
at its very finest, receiving international
awards and prizes, and acknowledged
by the concert musicians who play
them as the defining standard.