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Atelier Lello Esposito

14 Jul


Piazza San Domenico Maggiore

Visit the studio of
world renown
sculptor and painter
Lello Esposito

Lello Esposito is one of Naples’ greatest
artists with a truly international
reputation. A sculptor and painter for
over 30 years, his works primarily concentrate
on symbols of Naples, such as Pulcinella, San Gennaro,
Castel dell’Ovo, and Vesuvius. A visit to his studios,
converted from the stables of Palazzo
Sansevero that dates back to the 1500s,
means being immersed in history and
breathing in a little magic.


Teatro Mercadante – Mercadante Theater

14 Jul


Piazzza Municipio


Theatrical traditions
that date back to
the 18th century

A gem in the heart of Naples, the Mercadante Theater
lies just a few meters from Molo Beverello and the 
Romeo Hotel. Opened to the public in 1779, it has hosted
the theatrical performances of Pirandello, Eleonora Duse
and Sarah Bernhardt.

The Mercadante is one of the most spectacular theaters in
Italy to see an opera performance. Featuring six levels,
200 boxes, and a stage that opens up to the gardens of
the Palazzo Reale (the Royal Palace), it is an unforgettable
experience and a step back in time.

Today, the Mercadante is an active and vibrant
cultural center, a must see for artists and audiences alike.

Bourbon Underground Naples

14 Jul


Via Domenico Morelli


A part of the city is
hidden below
the streets.

Through the corridor of an old garage in
Via Domenico Morelli is an access
door to the secret world of Naples
underground, with its layers and layers
of history, both ancient and more recent.
This great passage was originally dug by
the Bourbon army so they could move
soldiers rapidly between the barracks and
the Royal Palace. Like much of the city’s
underground caverns and passageways, it
then became an air-raid shelter in the
years of the Second World War, where whole
families often spent weeks below ground.

Conservatorio di Napoli – The Naples Music Conservatory

14 Jul


San Pietro a Majella 35

A celebration of the
city’s musical pedigree

What began as a charitable institute
in the heart of ancient Naples gradually
transformed over time into the
Regio Conservatorio di Musica,
the Naples Music Conservatory,
which served as an essential meeting point for
notable Italian and European musicians.

In its library, museum, and archives are
conserved the signatures of Alessandro
and Domenico Scarlatti, Pergolesi,
Paisiello, Cimarosa, Rossini, Bellini
and Donizetti, among many other
great musicians, together with precious
manuscripts, books and rare prints.

Museo della Plastica – The Plastic Museum

14 Jul


Via Martucci 48

Where innovation and
science are
transformed into
works of art

This is a most unusual visit that takes
you through the creative production of
the last 50 years of plastics design.
The museum is in the center of Naples.
The multi-functional space of a
thousand square meters is dedicated to
scientific research and technological
innovation for the recovery, restoration
and conservation of works of art and
design produced in synthetic materials.
With over 1500 objects on display,
this is an ambitious project where art
meets technology in a collection made
entirely of plastic.

Roman Underground Naples

14 Jul


Complesso San Lorenzo Maggiore

An ancient Roman
world lies hidden
beneath a church.

The church of San Lorenzo Maggiore is
located at the precise center of the ancient
Greco-Roman city. The archaeological
site beneath the church, convent and
cloister reveals a fascinating street
three meters wide and about sixty meters
long, surrounded on all sides by the
still intact buildings of an ancient Roman
market. The numerous shops include
a baker, a laundry, various inns and the
‘aerarium’, a type of bank where
citizens’ finances from taxes used to
be kept.

Pio Monte della Misericordia – the home of Caravaggio’s “Seven Works of Mercy”

14 Jul
Via dei Tribunali 253

Founded in the sprit
of charity, now home
to art and archives

Caravaggio’s famous ‘Seven Works of
Mercy’ has a natural home in Pio Monte
della Misericordia, one of the oldest
charitable organizations of Naples. It
was founded in 1600 by a group of
young nobles who met every Friday at
the Hospital of Incurables to carry
out charitable and assistance works. Pio
Monte della Misericordia conserves a
vast historic and artistic heritage of various
schools and times. A few rooms of the
building even house the historic archive
where ancient documents are conserved.