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True Neapolitan Pizza

14 Jul


Taverna dell’Arte

13 Jul


1° Rampe di San Giovanni Maggiore

For the genuine
cuisine of Naples
in a warm and
charming atmosphere.

On a small side street near the main
university, this comfortable trattoria is
one of the finest genuine Neapolitan
restaurants in the city. It specialises in
interpretations of typical Campania
dishes, such as cabbage soup, la Genovese
sauce and cod-in-a-saucepan. Before the
second course, you are served a crushed
ice basil drink – sensational! Neapolitan
desserts, such as babas and crunchy
almond cookies called quaresimali,
are taken with homemade liqueurs. The
place is popular with actors and artists,
but remains refreshingly unpretentious.

Pasticceria Scaturchio

13 Jul


Piazza San Domenico Maggiore 19

The pastries, coffees
and aperitifs of
historical Naples.

Anytime from breakfast to the evening
aperitif, here is the ideal place for
relaxing in the splendid Piazza di San
Domenico Maggiore. This classic
pasticceria and stand-up coffee bar boasts
the finest sfogliatelle in the city. Other
delicacies echo the very history of Naples:
Ministeriale, the medallion made of
chocolate and filled with cream liqueur,
was invented when Italy was unified,
zeppola pastries come from the 16th
century, and the ‘monk’s puff pastry’
was created by a nun in the 18th century.


13 Jul


Piazza San Gaetano 72

From lemon fruit to
limoncello, essence
of Campania. See it
made, and sample it.

The Campania region is famous for its
lemons. Sorrento lemons in particular
are prized for their quality, highly
perfumed with sweet, juicy flesh and few
seeds. In this enchanting place, carved
from the ancient Greek and Roman walls
in the heart of the city, the lemons
are used to make the famous limoncello
liqueur by macerating the zests in pure
grain alcohol. Variations include nocillo,
another strong liqueur with walnuts an
essential ingredient. You can not only see
the processes but also sample the results.

Pescheria Mattiucci

13 Jul


Vicoletto Belledonne 27

By day, a fish shop.
In the evening, an
unusual place for a
snack and aperitif.

This is one of Naples’ most original
gastronomic concepts – fish shop and
fashionable meeting place all in one.
By day it is the traditional shop, selling
the finest selection of fresh fish and
seafood from the Mediterranean. In the
evening it turns into a cheerful and
popular meeting place, a prelude to the
nightlife of the city with patrons
standing at large tables for an excellent
selection of pesce crudo, accompanied
by bread, fresh fennel and a selection of
very good wines.

Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente

13 Jul


Via dei Tribunali 120/121

A place of taste and
vitality, the favourite
of a famous patron.

In July 1994, an American tourist came
to Pizzeria Cacialli, one of the city’s top
pizzerias. His name was Bill Clinton,
President of the United States; he promptly
declared this one of his all-time
favourite places. From then on it became
known as Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente.
The restaurant enjoys a cult following
amongst the locals, a sure sign of its
authentic quality, and greets you with
the kind of aroma, raucousness and
colour that only Naples can bring.

Pizzeria Sorbillo

13 Jul


Via dei Tribunali 32

Pizza was invented
in Naples. This third
generation family
makes the classics.

Gino Sorbillo founded his pizzeria in
1935. The third generation Sorbillo
family now has 21 sons – and they are all
pizzaioli. One of the great exponents of
the classic Naples staple, the restaurant
produces 21 types of pizza, each signed
with the name of the son who created it.
With its marble tables and traditional
wood and copper fittings, and on two levels,
Pizzeria Sorbillo is a favourite meeting
place for a cosmopolitan mix of students
and professionals, local Neapolitans, and tourists.