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Delta Pen – luxury pens made in Italy

14 Jul


One of the most respected
and revered makers of luxury
writing instruments

This world famous Neapolitan brand is exclusively
designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen
and award winning designers who bring generations
of experience to create prized writing instruments for
the world’s most demanding writers and collectors.

Based in Naples, Italy, Delta has become renowned for
innovation in design and were the first company to
utilize carbon fibre and titanium. Delta is well known
amongst pen enthusiasts and collectors for their limited
edition pens for which the have won numerous awards.

delta pen - dolce vita collection


Sabino Sartoria – hand sewn made-to-measure suits

14 Jul
Via Napoli 131

Clothing Neapolitan nobility
for over 80 years…

The tailors who have been clothing the Neapolitan
nobility for 80 years understand the importance of
distinguishing and interpreting elegance.

For his numerous Italian and foreign customers,
Sabino produces made-to-measure suits that are
completely hand sewn and all made with the most
precious fabrics.

Antica Camiceria Lombardi

13 Jul

Viale Stazione 22, Portici, Napoli

Made-to-measure shirts

famous for their style,

selection of fabrics

and finishes.

Luciano Lombardi’s shirts are the result of a patient and passionate work of the finest handicraft. Both the peculiarity of the materials and linings as well as the care in final touches are the distinctive features of his shirts, made using single needle seams for shoulders, with seven stitches per centimeter. Modeling and styling are genuinely Italian, embodying the highest quality and skill.

Ulturale Cravatte

13 Jul


Via Carlo Poerio 115, Napoli


These finely worked ties with their ‘7 and 10 folds’ are finished by hand, among the very best in the world.

Scafora Calzature – Neapolitan handmade shoes

13 Jul


Via Tavernola 8, 80025


More than mere shoes…

With a waiting list of at least two months, only a few
privileged people can appreciate the extraordinary
quality of these handmade shoes… but it is well
worth the wait for those who desire the utmost in
quality and artisanship.

Primo Piano Italia

13 Jul

_________________________ Dei martiri 30

From ties and pens
to shirts, suits and
shoes, here is style
and elegance for
those who value only
the very best.

Primo Piano Italia brings together
five top Naples trademarks into what has
become an institution of high fashion.
Presided over by its creator Cavaliere
Marino, the gallery is an oasis of
excellence, a celebration of Neapolitan
style, in the grand Palazzo Calabritto.
Here, the best traditions of high-level
craft and creativity are found in items
of exclusive design and rare perfection.


13 Jul


Via dei Filangieri 26

Recognized around
the world by the
well-dressed man
and woman.

Rubinacci’s famous made-to-measure
suits, shirts and ties, as well as ladies
fashions, have spread the reputation
of Neapolitan beauty, craftsmanship and
soul around the world. From Rome,
Milan and Tokyo to Paris, London and New
York, the quality of the cut and the
craftsmanship of every single detail satisfy
the most demanding customers’ needs
and requests.
In Naples, the Rubinacci
tailor’s shop and workrooms embody this
unique way of dressing, under the expert
guidance of the family’s third-generation
Mariano Rubinacci.