Getting Around

The best way to get around Naples, and maintain your sanity, is to walk whenever possible. It is, however, a large city — the third largest in Italy — and often quite hectic. So, in some cases, public transportation or taxis are definitely the better option. We do not recommend renting a car and driving yourself, as almost anyone who is not from Naples (Italians from other cities included) will tend to be unnerved from attempting to navigate the city and seemingly lawlessness and recklessness of its drivers.

For those wishing to travel by car, another option is to hire a private car and driver. There is no better way to see and appreciate the beauty of Naples than by being guided by a local. While certainly not the cheapest way to get around, this can actually be quite affordable mode of transportation and many options exist. Plus, you will be able to discover secrets of the city and receive insider tips from a true Napolitan!

Some useful tips:

First of all, traffic in Naples can get intense. The city is notorious for the apparent lack of “street rules”, where it is every man for himself. Cars double and triple park, drivers ignore traffic signals, head the wrong way down one way streets, and motorini (scooters) constantly zip in and out of traffic, with the majority of riders not wearing helmets. Definitely not recommended for the faint at heart.

Like any major city, Naples has its rush hour periods when traffic is at its peak, as well as certain areas that are almost always congested.

– Traffic around the train station is crazy. If walking, before you attempt to cross the street, observe the locals. The idea is to spot a gap in the traffic and start across and hopefully people will stop. Good luck!

– Weekends:

– Taxis: Taxis are the quickest way to see Naples, but also the most expensive. Before getting into a taxi, make sure it is licensed because in Naples you will most likely find a “fake” taxi driver who will charge you 40 euro for a 10 minute ride. Authorized taxis will have a white car with the taxi driver sign  and a taxi number. Also, make sure it has a meter. By law, licensed taxis must display a list of pre-agreed fares in a number of languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish). Check the presence of such fares and agree to them beforestarting the journey. Of course tip is not compulsory.

Arriving by plane:

Naples International Airport, called Aereoporto Capodichino. The airport is very well organized and connected to the city center. The best way is to get a cheap bus that will stop you at the main station, Piazza Garibaldi or at Piazza Municipio near the Molo Beverello. Taxis are available too outside the airport but again make sure they are real taxi drivers.

Traveling by Train

The main station is Napoli Centrale, Naples Train Station. The station is very well connected to the subway system so that you can easily reach Mergellina with only 4 metro stops.

Traveling by Bus

Local buses are a great way to get around Naples but they usually get very crowded especially during rush hours. Many national and international private bus services operate in Naples, generally stopping at Piazza Garibaldi or Piazza Municipio. You can buy bus tickets pretty much in every ”tabaccai0” or tobacco shop. ANM also operated all bus lines within Naples

Traveling by Subway

There are six underground lines in the subway system in Naples. They are generally safer than the other public transports, because they are always monitored by cameras and security officers.


A really nice way to get around the city and enjoy the beautiful view is using the funiculars traveling up the hill of the Vomero from stations at Piazza Montesanto, Amedeo, and Augusto.

Naples by Boat

One of the best things you can appreciate in Naples is the possibility to find lots of Ferry Boats (traghetti) and high speed hydrofoils (aliscafi) leaving for the most breathtaking places such as Capri, Sorrento, Ischia, Procida and Forio and many other location from the main harbor Molo Beverello at the waterfront in front of the Castel Nuovo or the Mergellina ports. You can just walk up and buy tickets to the closer islands.


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